"Street" For Gourmands

The "Oh, yeah! Food!" gastronomic festival has come to a close in Saint Petersburg. Over the course of 2 days, Krestovsky Island played host to a large-scale urban picnic that became an attraction center for thousands of residents of Saint Petersburg as well as people visiting the Northern Capital of Russia.
The current festival (as well as its entire program) was dedicated to the "Street" topic. Funnel-shaped paper packaging, a symbol of "street", or fast, food, has become a trademark feature of the menu of the festival, "music of the streets" was performed by the best bands, young street artists "fought" their way through the Painty Battle, skateboarders and (ultimate) frisbee players presented their exhibition performances.
Traditionally, TESS tea was included in the festival's menu. A cozy lounge area with two tea bars became one of the most popular features of the festival. Here, the guests of the festival could get a refreshing tea cocktail with TESS loose-leaf tea as the main ingredient (prepared using the innovative Cold Brew tea-brewing method) or warm themselves with a cup of hot TESS tea. For those who preferred spending their time by listening to music or cheering for street artists, the TESS bike café cruised around Krestovsky Island, offering excellent varieties of freshly brewed green and black tea.
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