The Orimi Trade Group of Companies Started Producing Tea and Coffee Capsules

The company is proud to present its comprehensive solution in the natural hot beverages category: Greenfield tea capsules and Jardin coffee capsules (both are compatible with Nespresso machines).
Drinks in capsules represent one of the most significant trends of the global tea and coffee market. This market segment is also actively developing in Russia: according to the experts' estimates, the consumption of coffee capsules alone is increasing by an average of 6% per year.
Greenfield and Jardin capsules are made of aluminum. This material has characteristically high barrier properties, which guarantee the complete preservation of flavor properties of the product. The Orimi Trade group of companies became the first Russian producer to offer aluminum Nespresso-compatible capsules. Up until now, only plastic capsules were present on the Russian market.
The new products will be produced at the Orimi factory. The total amount of investment in equipment, technologies, and the quality control system exceeds 55 million rubles. The production process is fully automated and implemented with the use of innovative technologies that allow ensuring the best consumer qualities of the finished product. As such, the coffee capsules are produced in accordance with the Protection Technology and Fresh Flavour Protection solutions providing full protection of coffee from oxygen, and the tea capsules have an integrated filter paper membrane, which helps to prevent the formation of froth on the surface of the beverage. The line is capable of producing up to 300,000 capsules per day.
The assortment of Greenfield and Jardin capsules on offer corresponds to the up-to-date consumer preferences. However, it does not duplicate the regular assortment of brands. Different colors of the capsules packaging are used to help the consumer to differentiate varieties of beverages.
The Greenfield collection includes varieties of tea that are the most sought-after on the modern market, namely black, flavored black, flavored green, and flavored herbal (decaffeinated) tea.
Black Wonder (black capsules) – a valuable variety of Ceylon tea originating from the unique Hingalgoda tea garden; Fusion Way (blue capsules) – a blend of Ceylon and Kenyan tea with wild strawberry and viola fragrance; Garnet Oolong (golden capsules) – Oolong tea originating from the Chinese province of Fujian with the addition of pomegranate and cornflower petals; Raspberry Cream (pink capsules) – fruit tea with hibiscus, raspberry, rosehip and black currant.
The Jardin collection presents the most popular types and blends of coffee, namely espresso, ristretto, lungo, and flavored coffee.
Ristretto (black capsules) – a blend of Arabica from Ethiopia and Columbia with the addition of Indian Robusta, the darkest roast coffee in the entire coffee capsules collection; Andante (purple capsules) – a blend of Arabica from East Africa and Columbia with the addition of Indian Robusta; Vivo (golden capsules) – a blend of Arabica from South America and East Africa, a variety of espresso with a balanced delicate taste; Allonge (blue capsules) – a blend of Arabica from East Africa, an ideally balanced lungo; Vanillia (bronze-colored capsules) – a blend of Arabica from Guatemala and Columbia with the addition of vanilla.
E-shops and large retail chains are expected to become the main sales channels for the Greenfield and Jardin capsules collections.

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