A share of the market and a share of the soul

Greenfield has been ranked as one of the top 10 Russian brands in the international Best Brand Awards, performing well in the categories for “Best Russian Product Brand”, “Best Customer Centricity Brand”, and “Best Product Brand Among Millennials”.
The Best Brands Awards were established in Germany in 2004 and are held annually—this year returning to Russia for a third time. The rating methodology is based on two key criteria: the economic success of the brand on the market, and the popularity of the brand among consumers.
The Top 10 Best Brands winners are selected based on a detailed analysis of sales data by GfK and a large-scale survey of 7 thousand respondents. This approach allows participating brands to obtain an objective indicator of their success, as their position in the rankings is based on the real economic success of the company (their share of the market) and the emotional perception of the brand among consumers (their “share of the soul”).
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