Coffee as transport

The first winner of the grand prize in Jockey’s major coffee marketing campaign ‘Want Prizes? Step On It!’ has been announced: 66-year-old Alexander Merlyan is the lucky winner of one of the three cars up for grabs. For the award ceremony, Alexander flew to Moscow from his native Lipetsk, and travelled home at the wheel of a snow-white Volkswagen Tiguan. Alexander admitted that, of course, he had secretly hoped to win the valuable prize from his beloved Jockey coffee, but didn't expect his luck to be in. When he received the message saying he’d won, at first he thought it was a joke. But it wasn’t. Jockey takes this kind of thing very seriously! The joy of Alexander’s unexpected good news was shared by everyone in his large and friendly family: his wife, his two grown-up daughters, and his grandchildren. The winner was accompanied on his journey by one of his sons-in-law: Alexander is an experienced driver, but had only ever driven manual cars. As his new car was an automatic, his son-in-law volunteered to be his assistant. It turned out there was no need to worry, though: everything went to plan. As a man who has served in the armed forces all his life, Alexander Merlyan has seen a great deal. He took the fact that the prize was presented to him on the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day as a sign.
The ‘Want Prizes? Step On It!’ promotion is still on. Every day, you could win one of half a million gifts. There will also be a draw for two more cars (in May and August). Detailed terms and conditions are available at жокей-промо.рф.
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