Love for Princess Noori tea wins two million rubles

The nationwide promotional campaign to “Fill your home with warmth with Princess Noori tea” has come to an end. The winner of the campaign was 39-year-old Yekaterinburg resident Ruslan Ganiev. His love for Princess Noori tea earned him a voucher for 2 million rubles to put towards an apartment.
The brand’s massive promotional campaign ran for six months and included the entire Princess Noori product range. Participants had to find a promocode on the tea package and register it on the promotional site. The winning promocode was selected using a mathematical model to avoid any form of tampering. Around 240 thousand people took part in the competition and 543,813 promocodes were registered on the website.
Thanks to a package of Princess Noori “High Grown” tea—the brand’s most popular variety—Ruslan Ganiev took home two million rubles. He is planning to use his winnings to repay a recently issued mortgage.
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