Lucky number 13

St. Petersburg held its traditional Tea and Coffee Festival, now in its thirteenth consecutive year. In defiance of all the stereotypes, which make so many people wary, the number 13 brought only good luck to the event: thousands of guests, dozens of participants, an extensive cultural and entertainment programme and, of course, tea and coffee to cater for all tastes. The drinks provided some much-needed ‘warm support’ for the participants, since the weather in Russia’s Northern Capital turned out to be cold, windy, and rainy, especially on the first day of the festival. Rousing performances by the various creative groups also put everyone in a great mood. Representatives from children's drama studios who performed on stage received special prizes from Orimi Group, which is a longstanding friend and general partner of the Tea and Coffee Festival. Orimi Group’s stand featured product lines   that are already well-known and beloved by consumers, as well as new collections. Brightly coloured mobile cafes      from the Jardin and TESS brands cruised around the festival site.
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